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We are working with small businesses to big name brands. Here are some of the great ways we are grabbing the attention of thousands:



  1. Secure a Membership Plan.

  2. Create your Profile Shopping Page with your business contact information and add your products to your page.

  3. Read all guidelines, instructions and follow the check list to get started.

  4. Good job! Now it's time to enjoy your membership.  In the next 5 -7 business days, we will have your page set up, promote your products and increase your profitability.

Want to know more about our Runway Memberships?

We definitely understand,  so we have included everything about our Runway benefits and Commonly Asked Questions.

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Online Vendor Guidelines

  • All participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 

  • Make sure your online vending area is quiet and free from distractions such as family, tv, telephone/cell phone, radio, etc.

  • Make sure your online vending area is free from clutter. No boxes, food, dishes/cups, paperwork, etc. IMPORTANT: The online vending area will be seen by the public, so it is important for your area to be neat and professional.  We will not be able to crop or remove items from the interview area.

  • Please refrain from cussing, arguing and/or commenting on the following topics: race, religion, sex/ preferences and political parties.

  • Adding special touches (flowers, curtained backdrop, etc) to your area will give an elegant atmosphere.

  • Wearing clothing with neon, highlighted colors or busy patterns are less flattering than softer colors.

  • DRESS CODE:  You have creative license with a few exceptions that are NOT permitted: low cleavage shirts/blouses, sheer shirts/blouses, tops/shirts with political, gender based or racist comments, mini skirts/dresses, skirts/dresses with high splits, torn/ripped jeans/leggings, sunglasses. 

  • DEMOS:  For vendors that will perform a how-to tutorial, you must have a demo model for the presentation.  IMPORTANT:  Make sure to have tools/utensils placed neatly on a tray nearby your interview area.


  • All vendors will be given a designated date, time and details to set up prior to online event.  

  • Every vendor will receive a Zoom invitation or link upon completion of the Online Vendor Application.  IMPORTANT: If you do not receive invitation or link within the next 3 business days after you have submitted the form, please Contact Us.

  • Vendors who do not show for his/her designated spot upon may not be permitted to participate in future online events. For those who can not attend the designated date/time, contact a Style & Glam Runway representative immediately.

  • Please login at the designated date/time using the link.  Your designated time will include the set-up, online vendor spot and closing.  Click HERE to read more on setting up Zoom.  

  • Vendors will have 30 - 45 minutes to be interviewed and perform live demos.

  • Please review a list of COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS you will be asked during interview. Please be mindful, that you may, also, be asked questions that are not on the list. FUN FACT: Practice answering questions in a mirror to make yourself feel more comfortable speaking during the interview.



    * All exhibitors must be 18 years old and older. 

    * An exhibitor can represent one brand/ company per online event. If you wish to represent more than 2 brands/ companies, you MUST secure an additional spot for the other brand/ company.  Please contact us if you wish to secure 3 or spots.

    * All exhibitors must secure his/her exhibitor spot by making full payment.  

    * Spots can not be placed on hold for any reason.  

    * All exhibitors will be given a designated date, time and details to set up prior to an online event.

    * Exhibitors and their representatives are required to dress in accordance to good taste. No low cleavage shirts/blouses, sheer shirts/blouses, tops/shirts with political, gender based, racist comments, offensive or nudity/pornographic images, mini skirts/dresses, skirts/dresses with high splits, torn/ripped jeans/leggings, sunglasses. 

    * For any reason an exhibitor cancels or not attend designated online event, he/she forfeit all monies for that specific event. 

     * If for any reason, Style & Glam Runway, Style & Glam LLC cancels or reschedules event, every participating exhibitor will be able to participate in another online event or receive refund for that specific event.

    * Exhibitors that do NOT follow guidelines may be asked to terminate online vendor spot.