Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Please note, the host may ask additional questions that are not listed below. Practicing answering questions prior to the interview is the best way to feel more comfortable on tv. 


  • What made you want to start your career?

  • How many years have you been in the business?

  • When did you officially launch your career?

  • Who and what are you inspirations and why?

  • What is your signature or known for?

  • Did you have any other goals/ambitions besides your brand; if so, what and why?

  • What are some major events or accomplishments, in which, you have participated (list details, names and dates)?

  • Is there someone (photographer, MUA, model, celebrity, etc) that you have not worked with, that you would like to collaborate with? Why?

  • List a story/situation about your career that was an obstacle you have overcame?

  • Do you have a platform(s) that you are involved with? Please explain.

  • Other than your current career, do you have any other planned ventures; if so, what and why?

  • What motivational words would you tell an aspiring person in your field?

  •  What would someone be surprised to know about you?

  •  What are your upcoming projects?