Mossy Lane Products

At age 6, Elaine started sewing with her mother, continuing throughout high school, even designing her prom gown.  In 2018, Elaine opened her boutique, focusing on constructing comfortable and functional pieces that makes women feel special.  With her concern for the environment, she specializes in using donated and reused materials for her unique garments.  You can find Elaine's collection at her boutique, Mossy Lane, at 606 Main Street in Sharpsburg.


Fun things to know about Elaine:

  • Won 2019 Best Design at Salvation Army's Garbage Bag Gala.

  • Offers design classes to high school students and adults on Thursdays.

  • Known for her one of a kind jeans, yoga tanks and jersey wraps.

  • Upcoming projects are Earth Day Fashion Show and Women’s Maker Fair at the Ace Hotel.

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