Ebook: Making The Right Connections

Ebook: Making The Right Connections

Wonder how some new businesses and brands take off right from the start?  Although a good quality product and service will go a long way, the secret is about connecting with the right people early in your entrepreneurship. From networking with the "right sponsors" to collaborating with the "right colleagues," it IS about who you know.  This class delves into building meaningful business relationships and how to make power deals with the "right" key players in your industry.  

The class will cover:​

  • Understanding the "Upward and Forward" theory

  • Networking on and offline effectively

  • Ways to seal the deal with business partnerships

  • Why mentors in your field can help your earning potential

  • "Win-win situations" to collaborate with like-minded professionals

  • Cross promoting to maximize your profits

  • Getting sponsors to invest in your events, products and special projects

  • How to get the attention of media and press




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